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Window & Gutter Cleaning
Fireman Dave's offers year-round window cleaning for both residential and commercial applications.  Our experienced crews can tackle the toughest windows.  We clean all of your windows both inside and/or out.  We are careful to protect furniture and carpet as well as landscaping. We are able to clean those hard to reach skylights along with residential and commercial gutters.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
There are an estimated 15,000 dryer vent fires each year in the United States, and we've been to a few ourselves.  If you currently have flexible plastic or aluminum dryer vent, we will typically come in replace it with a much safer rigid steel vent pipe.  We inspect the inside length of your dryer vent  and clen it with an air powered nozzle and vacuum the debris to the outside.
Pressure Washing
We have the right equipment to tackle the toughest jobs like brick, siding, decks, and concrete.
Bat and Bird Mitigation
Birds cause millions of dollars in property damage yearly.  Both bats and birds can also leave behind unhealthy droppings.  We provide safe and effective methods and products to control even the most stubborn bats and birds.